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On 2013-09-09 03:43:50.756330 by Russel and Kelly Riley


"We weren't really sure where to start when we started looking for a breeder for our German Shepherd. I was surprised to find one in Waco, and excited to see how reasonable the prices were. When I met Joe and his dogs, I was convinced this was the right place. Joe and his family were open and welcoming and he treats his customers like longtime friends. During the wait for our puppy, we were always welcome at the house to come visit and play. It's also obvious how much he loves his dogs. It was awesome to know the kind of care our Nira was getting from day 1, because we saw it with every other dog or puppy he has. We couldn't be happier with our experience and recommend the Guardian Kennel to everyone we know."

Thank you for your awesome service and help throughout our process. We love our Nira girl, and it was worth the wait. Her ears are on the way up, which is fun to see.

On 2013-09-09 03:42:02.225360 by Candice Betancis


Wanted to give you an update on Keira. She is now 2 1/2 years old and a healthy 75 lbs. We cannot thank you enough for our beautiful pup and your continued support. She is a HUGE part our family. She has a wonderful personality and not only gets along with other dogs, but loves children. Do you remember when we brought her to visit and you turned on the water hose for her and Kiki to play? At first she was a little apprehensive, but ever since that day, she LOVES the water hose. I can't even think about watering my plants without letting her play. When I say she is smart, she is smart! She learned how to jump in mid air to catch the ball in the matter of 10 minutes. Also, she learned how to open the gate to get out when I'm working on the yard. Needless to say, she is like a fourth child to us. We love her so much! We thank you for all that you do. Can't wait to visit you soon.

On 2013-09-09 03:41:29.600300 by Beverly Henderson Meyer


Sometimes less is more.....We had 1 GSD and finally decided to get another. I fell in love with Guardian kennel puppies and dogs. Got our incredibly smart beautiful Atticus to be a companion to our beloved Solomon that was 5 years old. Beautiful it was. Sadly Solomon had to be put down recently. I can only say what a blessing for our Atticus to have been here to share his time with Solly. Atticus is so smart, beautiful and mild tempered we are amazed. We will definitely be a Guardian Kennel family member forever. Thank you Joe!

On 2013-09-09 03:41:01.975530 by Shane and Michele Cross


My husband had been looking for his dream German Shepherd for years .... With no luck.... Until I happened to find a website called The Guardian Kennel. The dogs were beautiful and so healthy looking. I gave them a call and Joseph spent a ton of time on the phone with us answering no less than 320 questions that we had. We made the 2 hour drive the following week and were extremely impressed with him, his family, and his dogs. All those years of searching finally paid off!!! We put a deposit down on our baby. Joe sent us pictures, videos, and updates on her until she was ready to leave her momma. Once we got her home, we thought of another 237 questions. Joe spoke to us every time we called, answered our questions, and gave us the reassurance we needed as 1st time puppy owners. We have 3 kids and another dog so a socialized puppy was a must for us. Joe and his family handle the puppies constantly and his kids were already working with her on potty training!!!! She was a healthy, well adjusted, beautiful ball of fur. Now, Valkyrie is 6 months old. She is extremely intelligent, loyal, loving. Although she has only been a part of our household for 4 months, we can not imagine life without her. Our daughters feel more secure at night with Val sleeping at the top of the stairs watching over the house. I feel more secure taking my morning walk with her next to me. My husband enjoys teaching her new tricks in his spare time. We love taking her to the dog park. We get so many compliments on her ... Her coloring, disposition, the way her back slopes perfectly, her trot when she jogs, and her speed when she runs.... We are one proud family.

Thank you Guardian Kennel for Valkyrie. We know she will continue to grow into a beautiful girl...Just like her momma Yatzee.

On 2013-09-09 03:39:31.013260 by Christina Hoover


I was in the U.S. Navy for nine years and experienced some trauma that I never dealt with. I went to a therapist who saw a lot of the affects of my trauma such as hyper vigilance fear of loud noises always on guard etc. My therapist suggested a dog that could relate to my symptoms and give me a sense of rest. After researching the best fit, my husband and I decided a German Shepherd would match my needs. After searching we found the Guardian kennel and called Joseph and explained my situation. Joseph didn't make any guarantees but said that his dogs had the quality to perform with the proper training. We visited Joseph and the Guardian kennels and he had pups from his M litter. Only one female was left and we spent some time with her and decided she was a perfect match as she bonded with me right way. Since bringing her home, Maggie has been a loyal calm and protective dog who is extremely obedient to my commands. I went through the TADSAW program which is for veterans with PTSD. I would recommend this program to any veteran and also Mr. Garcia who provides nothing except excellent dogs that will not disappoint you. Maggie is my battle buddy and helps me mostly during times of stress that stirs up my symptoms. She now is a certified working dog!! I thank Mr. Garcia for his provision and support through out my training period. If I ever had any questions he was there to help.

On 2013-09-09 03:38:00.819080 by Travis and Cassie Hegle


Where do I begin? I would recommend The Guardian Kennel to everyone! I've always thought the German Shepherd is absolutely gorgeous! When I started the process of looking for a puppy, I looked at SO MANY breeder websites and finally resolved myself to the fact that we'd never be able to afford a German Shepherd. Then, on a whim, I decided to find out if there was a GSD breeder in Waco (where we live). And to my shock, there was! :) Over the next few months, I would periodically go to The Guardian Kennel website just to see puppy pictures and get an idea of what it would cost to get one. However, since my husband was still in school at Baylor, we weren't able to afford one at that point. THEN, one day in September 2012, I decided to check the website again and saw that Joseph had two new litters. AND he was offering a pay-upfront special! My husband and I decided to visit Joseph and see if we really wanted to get a puppy. We saw a picture on the website of this beautiful little dark sable puppy from Sadie/Wolfgang and really wanted him. :) After we saw how beautiful this little four-day-old puppy was in person, we were hooked! We paid for him right then and there and then proceeded to visit Joseph every week from that point on. Hah! All Joseph's dogs were so sweet! Joseph let us come every weekend (and sometimes we'd even pop up during the week...) to visit Sabre. It was so nice to be able to see Sabre grow more and more each week. We got some wonderful "puppy therapy" each time we went, playing with all the puppies! It was so much fun! After we brought Sabre home, we were so impressed with how smart he was! We started training him that first weekend, and he picked up commands so quickly! And the best part? He was potty trained in less than two weeks! Even after we brought Sabre home, we still had all sorts of questions, and we knew we could text Joseph anytime and ask him. We really wanted Sabre to be well-socialized, so we asked Joseph if we could bring Sabre over to play with his dogs on occasion... which ended up being every week. :) At our apartment complex, there were a bunch of small dogs and Sabre learned very quickly how to play with small dogs too. He was always gentle and careful with them, even when he became a lot bigger than them. It was so nice to know that he wasn't going to hurt all these small dogs. :) Just a few weeks ago, we took Sabre to visit two first grade classes at a local elementary school. He did such a good job handling 20+ six and seven year olds (per class) petting him and hugging him. He did a "tricks" show for the kids, and they loved it! He was so gentle and calm despite the excited children everywhere. All the teachers were beyond impressed that he was so controlled at only 8 months old. And to make it even better, now we know that he LOVES kids! It's so nice to know that someday when my husband and I decide to have kids, Sabre will be able to handle it. :)

On 2013-09-09 03:37:30.621050 by Travis and Cassie Hegle


It didn't take us long at all to realize that Sabre is a super social puppy. He LOVES to play with doggie friends. :) Because of that (and because we just love puppies!), we decided to get another puppy from Joseph. Originally we planned to get another one of Sadie's puppies, but she was late coming into season so we decided to switch to Kiki/Arek's litter. (We were going to be moving, so we weren't sure we'd be in town to get a Sadie puppy--but boy are they beautiful!) We were last pick on Kiki's litter, so we decided not to get too attached to any of the three girls. However, we did visit them weekly and took all sorts of pictures. In the end, we got Tiki, who we renamed Tatum. She has been so wonderful! It's been so fun to see how different puppy personalities can be. Tatum LOVES to train. It's ridiculous! Sabre was a pretty typical puppy when it came to training--about ten minutes or so, and he was distracted. Tatum, however, wants to train forever. After ten minutes, she's still completely focused. She's three months old (in two days) and already knows her name, sit, down, come, twirl, and responds to verbal correction really well. :) She even goes to her crate when she gets sleepy--and started sleeping through the night after just a couple weeks. And she's BEAUTIFUL! And she plays really well with Sabre. She can definitely hold her own against that big boy! We absolutely love both of them and can't imagine life without them! Plus, it's so fun getting the endless compliments about how gorgeous our dogs are anytime we go anywhere! If we could handle (and afford!) another puppy, I know without a shadow of a doubt that we'd be getting another one from Joseph! He keeps his kennels clean, his puppies are given the utmost care, and he truly cares about all of his dogs. I've been so impressed! I could go on and on and on! I'm so glad we decided to get our puppies from The Guardian Kennel!

On 2013-09-09 03:35:30.733250 by Krystal Meier


Appa (Vito) had his very first vet visit yesterday. Needless to say, he was a HUGE hit with all the techs and even the Doc himself! He was given a perfect bill of health and was highly praised on his immaculately clean ears. They were also quite impressed with Appa's massive teeth, lol. Lucky for us, our vet LOVES german shepherds and believes they are the best dogs in the world. He couldn't get enough of Appa! Lol. The vet told us straight up that we had one AMAZING pick with this little guy. I couldn't brag about the Guardian Kennel enough! Hope y'all like the pics...there will be more, lol BTW, Joe really knows how to breed them! Since we've brought him home, we haven't had ONE accident inside the house. It's AMAZING! And talk about loyal...he won't leave our feet no matter what. He sleeps on the floor by our bed like he was meant to be there. I LOVE APPA!!!

On 2013-09-09 03:35:10.321900 by Broderick Godbolt


Just wanted to thank you for your time and courtesy yesterday. You made me and my family feel right at home. You run your business very professional and your place was very clean. Your dogs looked awesome and I am so happy to be a future owner of a Tyson/Blanca female puppy, and I know I will be buying another this summer....hint hint off the "queen of The Guardian Kennels. Once again thanks for everything and I'm sure we'll be talking very soon.

On 2013-09-09 03:34:43.481700 by Beverly Henderson Meyer


Hey Joe, Danny and I are in amazement at how well Atticus is doing. He's already learned his name...he knows he's not supposed to go into the dining room..(he sneaks but then runs out) He's the most mellow puppy. He loves to be petted, he is going outside to potty, (only 2 accidents in the house and only 1 in his crate the first day). He is everything we wanted and more. Its hard for us both to believe how well he is fitting into our home and lives! He doesn't even chase the cats any more! He would like to but he stops when we say "Atticus no". He loves to torment Solomon and they play like little kids. Words cant describe how much we love this little bundle of puppy breath!

On 2013-09-09 03:34:14.920350 by Mary and Christian


Oh my gosh...FINALLY! :) We visited The Guardian Kennel in hopes of finding a responsible, friendly GSD breeder. Jackpot! Joe and his family were everything we ever hoped to find. His dogs are beautiful, friendly, and healthy. The dog quarters are clean, well maintained, and HUGE! I was timid of walking around all these GSD dogs until they smothered me with kisses. You definitely will not be dissapointed and I encourage you to check out Joe's place. My husband and I are happy to announce we will have a puppy in June or July! :)

On 2013-09-09 03:33:38.005670 by Ryan Jordan


My husband and I decided back in September to get a puppy from Joseph. Usually I either adopt a puppy or end up getting a free one somewhere and they're always mutts. This being our first time with a pure breed dog, we wanted to make sure we were getting a great dog and not paying an arm and a leg. I searched through all sorts of breeders all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana and never really found one that felt right.They all seemed very impersonal and just about business. That was until I happened to come across The Guardian Kennels Page. Joseph was very patient and willing to help me understand how his Kennel actually worked. He took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. He also wanted to know what type of home his puppy would be going to. Through emails Joseph helped explained to me about how he raised his dogs and taught me about their pedigrees. We mostly messaged later in the night as I work night and sleep during the day. He never once has complained, been rude, or even acted annoyed about it. Once my husband and I decided that we wanted to get one of Josephs puppy, He held the first pick female for us, pending our deposit which we were bring in a few weeks when we came to see the puppies in person. When we arrived at Josephs house (it was his old location),we were really surprised. The yard didn't even look like he owned dogs! Joe was doing yard work at the time we arrive and immediately came over and welcomed us into his house to let us meet Sadie and the pups. We spent almost 2 1/2 hours just playing with puppies, talking with Joseph, and meeting his other big dogs in the back. Not once did I ever feel rushed, or uncomfortable. We decided on "princess" of Josephs "P" litter from Sadie/Wolfgang. Since we lived in Tyler and Waco was close to 3-3.5 hours away, we couldn't just go see our puppy all the time like others that lived closer. Joseph sent pictures to us every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday up until the day we could pick her up. He always gave me updates on her and let us know how she was doing. We scheduled picking up Stella around Oct 9th, but our work scheduled changed and Joseph was very accommodating in helping us pick her up a few days early. Joseph is an exceptional breeder, person and now a friend. He understands that life happens, and is willing to help you in any way that you need. He offers so many ways to help you in getting a puppy, all you have to do is ask. Stella is close to 5 months old now and I send Joseph up dates on her, and photos up her about every 2 weeks. I always let him know the progress with training, and tell him cute little things that she does or if shes even being ornery. Josephs is always just proud of her no matter what it is and he is like that with all his of his dogs. Stella is very intelligent and friendly. The first week we had her she was almost potty trained(and trained to tell us when she needed to go), she could sit, stay, fetch. She is still learning to lay down, guard and protect but is getting the hang of it. We hope to have her in a K9 police type school soon to train her a little better. She gets so many comments every where we take her, people just love her. She is an incredible puppy. Josephs and his family is one of kind. The Guardian Kennel is his Full time job and he puts in so much time and effort, and it pays off with the best puppies around. I couldn't have picked a better place to get a puppy from. Joseph even offer payment plans to help you afford one of his puppies. He just wants to see his puppies end up in good homes. Ryan Jordan

On 2013-09-09 03:32:52.516980 by Daniel Powell


Like Vanja I am unsure where to begin. We began looking for a full blooded German Shepard puppy as. Christmas gift fir our three children around the end of October. We found a service online that helps find full blooded breeds across the country. They found us a dog in North Carolina for around 3000$ plus shipping the puppy to us. We were just about to sign paper work and pay when something told me to research the website. Boy was I happy i did. I found there were numerous families unhappy with their purchase. From that moment on I swore that I would not purchase a dog unless I could view the breeders facilities first. There in lies the problem. There are no breeders near us in Odessa, Tx. We were blessed to find Joseph and the Guardian Kennel. We were also blessed that Joseph just had a litter and the first pick female was still available. It was a two hundred dollar deposit. Now Waco is around a 5 hour trip from us, but I wanted to see the dogs and see the facility before we paid full price. If we lost the 200$ it would be worth the piece of mind. We drove up to Waco two weeks later hoping and praying everything was up to par. The Guardian Kennel far exceeded our expectations. We were allowed to sit with the father of the litter (Laso) who is gorgeous and well mannered. We were allowed to see any part of Joseph's house and all of the kennel's. we were allowed to sit with the puppies for around an hour to try and chose a puppy. Joseph ultimately helped us pick our new baby Ava (Quitara). We were so pleased with our experience at Guardian we paid full price that day. It would be another four weeks before we could pick her up and take her home. In that time Joseph sent us pictures once a week and kept us informed. When we picked Ava up Joseph gave us advice on anything we needed. I have had several breeds of dogs and all of them were of higher intelligence, but Ava is leaps and bounds above them all. It has been super easy to train her. She already a goes outside ( in the first week), she can sit, shake, heel, and lay down (by the end of the first week), and she is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Joseph for our experience and would (and have) recommend your kennel to anyone. Daniel Powell and the Powell Family.

On 2013-09-09 03:32:11.311440 by Miranda Duhr


I went to Joseph Garcia s house to see their dogs/puppies and just wanted to say,you would never know they have as many dogs as they do. My bf and I pay attention to very small things. A couple things we noticed is there was NO poop in their yard,their house(inside and out) didnt smell of dogs or dog poop as you would assume when a place has more than a couple dogs. Joseph and his wife were/are very helpful and dont seem as though they got aggrivated when i asked 1000 questions. Lol. I didnt get to meet joseph as he was picking up,i believe KiKi,but he offered for us to come when Laso and Bianca(the pair we want a puppy from closer to the end of the year) would be sending their puppies to new homes to see how their litter turned out and to meet him. Most breeders dont want you making arrangements that day to come see their kennels and arent that open to let you be at their home(joseph ofered for us to stay till he got home and we could watch the cowboys play together). I dont know many people who would offer their home up to people like that and it made me even more confident that hes the one I want to get a puppy from. Sorry so longgg just wanted to leave a lil review! Lol. Have a great day!

On 2013-09-09 03:31:39.400230 by Vanja Druzanovic


I don't really know where to start. Our experience with the Guardian Kennel has been amazing. Joseph exceeded every expectation I had from a breeder. I first called Joseph a few months ago when my husband and I started looking around at breeders for a new GS puppy. Everyone I called would tell me their price and availability and not much more. It was strictly business, kind of like if you want a puppy and are willing to pay $xx come and get it. Then I called Joseph and he actually took the time to speak to me and learn a little bit more about what I am looking for, what kind of a home a puppy would be going to and to tell me about his dogs and how they are raised/where they came from. I was so impressed and decided after that first phone call that we would be getting our baby from him. At the time the P litter had just arrived but the Q litter (Sugar and Laso) was to be born in a month or so. I decided to wait on the Q litter as I fell in love with the photos I have seen of Laso. The puppies arrived and we went to visit them at 4 weeks old. Joseph and his wife welcomed us into his home to visit the puppies. Again, I was more than impressed with everything I saw. First of all, Joseph kept the puppies with their mom Sugar in his bedroom along with a couple of other adult dogs living inside the house. I couldn't believe how good his home smelled with all those dogs inside. Everything was extremely clean. We played with the puppies and I fell in love with Quantam. We had a second pick and weren't guaranteed we would get him but I had a feeling he'd be ours. We also got to play with Laso outside and meet some of the other dogs. Joseph answered the million questions we had and I knew right away we'd become good friends. Two weeks later we couldn't wait to see the puppies so we drove down from Fort Worth once again. The puppies were outside this time and we had a great time playing with everyone. Finally the day came to pick up our little boy. On our way down Joseph texted me to let me know the 1st pick was chosen by the other family and it wasn't Quantam. I was super excited!!! I knew we'd have that little monster. When we arrived, several other families were there to pick up their babies as well. Joseph planned a get together with food and drinks for everyone's big day. Again, it was fun times and we finally got our baby. We've had our Guardian baby for 2 weeks now and couldn't be happier with him. He is now known as Bruno and we love him oh so much!! Joseph has been very helpful with yet another million questions I've had since we got Bruno. He's always quick to respond and truly cares what happens to these babies once they leave. I could keep writing but really there is no words that could describe how happy with are with our decision to get Bruno from the Guardian Kennel. I'd do it all over again and I will recommend them to everyone I know that may be looking for a GSD. We look forward to many happy years with Bruno! Thank you thank you thank you!! :)

On 2013-09-09 03:29:41.537830 by Tabrine Johnson


I dropped in to say thank you for all you have done for us...

I was looking for a GSD when I recently lost my 8 year old "boxer" as I was told that GSD's were the best type of dog to get for protection. I searched and asked around with no luck... I was about to give up, as I took one more look in the dallas paper and saw "The Guardian Kennel". I called Joseph up and he answered all my questions and invited me up to take a look at the guardians. My daughter and I drove to Waco from Irving and fell in love with the puppies. The mother's were so friendly as we looked at Lorabel and her babies and Sadie and her babies. We decied to go with Sadie's Litter. They were two weeks old at the time of our first visit and we had two more visits prior to taking our baby home. We ended up with Pluto now known as Max...

Max is a hand full, he is full of energy, he was a bit of a biter.. We took him home and fell in love. Well this is my first GSD and Joseph advised us that we were dealing with a different breed from what we had before. My daughter was so used to being the boss of our boxer that she thought she could do the same with Max. At 2 1/2 months my daughter was playing with Max and cornered him and he bit her.. I was about to go nuts, I called Joseph and advised him of what happened and asked for his assistance. It was late and he listened and offered his help. I drove Max to Joseph the next morning for his tuff love lesson with Max. He told me Max was a pack leader and I had to show him who was boss, he showed me ways and techniques to handle Max. I left Max with Joseph for a week, he sent me videos through out the week of his progress and when he came home I saw a difference. In the meantime, I worked with my daughter in how to handle Max and not fear him since their encounter. They are now best buds and she now knows how to discipline him when he gets in nibbling mode. He still plays with his mouth which is expected as he is still a puppy but will get his mind right when he is corrected. I stay on him and he loves me for it.

Max is now almost 4 months and a much better puppy thanks to the help of Joseph... He is always there for questions and loves to see his puppies grow. I was truley blessed when I ran across him in the paper, he told me that he almost did not post his ad but, I am so glad he did. I would recommend him to anyone interested in a GSD..

Love Ms. Johnson

On 2013-09-09 03:28:55.611380 by Keith Kelly


My family and I had a great experience at the Guardian Kennel and it was very educational as well. We got to meet other people from all over Texas as well as Arkansas which were also adding a new addition to there family. Joseph & Genie Garcia welcome you as if you are part of the family. We left with Quinton, he has been a joy. Santa Claus has come early for the Kelly family.

On 2013-09-09 03:28:27.803660 by Frank and Becky Garza


I just want to say thanks for our new family member and friend. He did a great job on his journey back to San Antonio, he did not make any mess at all. He has gotten very attached to my wife, every where she goes he goes. I cant believe how smart he is for just being only 8 weeks old. He is already coming when he is called, started walking on leash and sits at door before he enters house. We now call him Gunther.

I was very impressed with your kennels. I have to say all your dogs are beautiful and very healthy and fit. I think by the way you raise your dogs shows in the puppy's you breed, meaning that they have a very good temperament. We had some visitors come by and Gunther did not shy away, he checked everyone out and then wanted to play. I also have to say Gunther is very alert and loves to play. I am very thankful also that he does not have any fleas, that is outstanding being that everyone always thinks all dogs have fleas but this shows how well you take care of your dogs.

The buying process was excellent. The last dog we bought years ago, we just handed them the money and we were given the dog and application for AKC and did not hear anything more.It meant a lot that you contacted us the next day to make sure all was good. We really enjoyed coming to pick up our pup with the other future owners. I think it means a lot that you take the time to meet with each family and answered all their questions. I don't think there are many breeders out there that take the time like you do, I also don't think many breeders sit down with the new owner and help them with the AKC registration such as you did with us, I mean you actually filled it out for us on line and submitted. That's dedication to your customers. I say customers but I believe that to you we are all probably like extended family members. Another thing I find impressive is that you offer a lifetime warranty on your pups, that means a lot to me that you have very high confidence in your dogs.

I know my wife and I made the right choice getting our puppy from you. I know he will grow big and beautiful and live a long healthy life. We will be sending pictures as he grows and will keep in touch through out his life. My wife and I feel we have gained a life long friendship with you and your family. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

On 2013-09-09 03:27:27.026820 by Alison Eliason


If you are considering a German Shepherd Dog, I cannot recommend The Guardian Kennel enough! This is the place to get your GSD! Joseph is a special person and is a very special breeder, he will help you! He has so much love and patience and will work with you with your specific needs and wants in mind. Our experience was and continues to be a blessing in our life! Thank you Joseph!

On 2013-09-09 03:26:55.042400 by Jana Stewart


I know that you had called the other day asking about Huey. Here are some pictures of him with Sarah and me. John took them today. It is hard to take pictures of him as he is constantly moving :-) We are so happy to have "puppywuppy" here. Sarah likes to call him that when they are playing. He is following her everywhere in the house, but he knows that I am "mommy". If he wants cuddle time he jumps up to me and literally lays down in my lap and wants to be petted. He is adorable and so excited. He's pretty too.

Thank you for providing great dogs for an affordable price.

On 2013-09-09 03:26:07.741540 by Anthony Adams


"The Best Kennel in Central Texas"

I would like to say that I love this kennel. Joe has taught me and showed me a lot about the GSD breed. I still have much to learn but that's what I like about Joe, he has the patience plus the time to sit and teach you what you need to know. Also I would like to say he has made my experience of purchasing my German shepherds very easy and affordable. I chose the pay upfront plan and saved a few hundred dollars. I was a little skeptical at 1st but every time I wanted to come visit the kennels, Joe never told me no, plus every time I called, he's always answered. When you deal with a big kennel, it seems like the "actual breeder" could never talk or come to the phone. That's not the case here, Joe was always the one to answer the phone whether I called or text. He has answered all my questions and seemed very happy just too talk. All this put me at ease and I felt confident to buy not one, not two, but three German shepherds. The Guardian Kennel's German shepherd family are some impressive animals. I have never seen a ugly pup come out this kennel. I feel blessed to own two from him already with my third one coming soon. So I would say this to anyone, " If u want a top family companion that shows you love, loyalty, and devotion with an awesome playful drive, then Joe with his family of German shepherds is the one who you need call. I encourage anyone to stop by and check out "The Guardian Kennel".

I thank you Joe for all you do and have done for me. I can hardly wait for my 1st true 100% West German pup from Laso/Bianca. Good luck to you and your family, and keep doing what you do.

On 2013-09-09 03:24:35.037500 by M. Harden


The Guardian Kennel: A special place.

Deciding to get a German Shepherd:

When my wife and I decided to add a dog to our family of seven, we spent a lot of time talking about it. Deciding that we wanted a German Shepherd was easy. My wife had grown up with a large Shepherd that her family still speaks of fondly twenty years after his passing. We knew that a good Shepherd would be a great addition to our family: intelligent, composed, and if necessary, protective. We knew what we wanted. Deciding where to get a quality German Shepherd, in order to rule out temperament issues, and major health problems however… that was the tricky part of the process.Â

What I can tell you about The Guardian Kennel:

I found The Guardian Kennel through their website. The first time I met Joseph Garcia at his house he gave me a handshake and a genuine smile. Mr. Garcia had one of his boys bring out each of his dogs individually. All of his dogs displayed the temperament appropriate to their breed: playful but calm, friendly but obviously loyal to Joseph. They each looked completely healthy and cared for. After having met all of the dogs I decided to put a deposit down on a puppy for a planned litter. Over the next three months I visited The Guardian Kennel several times, sometimes with short notice, and his dogs always looked alert, clean, and they always had clear fresh water to drink. This is what I expected from a responsible breeder.

What I did not expect was how involved Joseph Garcia’s wonderful family is with their dogs. Each day the Garcia Family cares for their dogs together. Joseph’s children, and their friends, appear to range in age from 3 to 14 years old. All puppies and adult dogs at The Guardian Kennel are handled by children on a daily basis and leave The Guardian Kennel ready to join a family.

We could not be more pleased with our new buddy and the total experience we have had with The Guardian Kennel. Joseph has answered every question we have asked and forgot to ask, in preparation of bringing home our new puppy. Mr. Garcia has a positive reputation with the veterinarians I have met in Waco, and if you meet him, you will quickly find out why: Joe has a big heart and the man loves his dogs. I think anyone considering a German Shepherd in the Waco area should pay a visit to The Guardian Kennel.

On 2013-09-09 03:23:23.863800 by Eric and Jessica Zapata


When we first got Sky, she was a spitfire full of energy. We were concerned because she did not allow us to pet her and she would constantly bite (mouthing). Yes this is typical puppy behavior but it was new for us because this was our first German Shepherd. However, I was freaked out and informed Joseph we may have to return her. He offered to take her back but also made a better suggestion; he agreed to keep Sky for a few days to train her to help alleviate some of our concerns. He said he knew she was the dog for us and he wanted to make it work. A few days later, we picked Sky up and she was calmer and did not bite as often. We are so happy that Joseph went the extra mile to help us keep Sky a part of our family. We have had Sky, for four months now and we absolutely adore her. She is well behaved, she no longer bites, and she allows us to pet and love her as much as we want. She is beautiful, friendly, and smart. She learned commands such as sit, come, shake, and down in less than a day (two commands a day). Not only has Joseph helped in this massive way he has also been readily available for any advice from training, feeding, shots, etc. If you purchase a dog from him, he will help in anyway to ensure you are happy. We thank you Joseph, for making our first purchase of a German Shepherd rewarding.

On 2013-09-09 03:22:59.517750 by June Brainard


I wanted to update you on Nakita. She is getting big! She has an amazing personality and loves attention. Guardian Kennel produces amazing puppies, keep it up! Thank you so much. The Brainards

On 2013-09-09 03:22:11.174910 by Morgan Garza


I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help and support during this process. Ice now named Jasmyn is such a sweet and wonderful little girl. She is playful and smart and most importantly loving. She has impressed us with how quickly she picks things up. She is doing great with potty training and loves running around in her new backyard. She is great with the kids and loves to sleep at our feet or have the occasional nap in my lap. She was very brave at her very first vet visit and everyone there fell in love with her just as fast as we did. I want to thank you for giving us our little princess. I thank you for your time and patience as well as your willingnss to answer any questions we have had. You made this experience so easy and wonderful. My son is so happy to finally have a puppy and I know we made the right decision is choosing Guardian Kennel. You can bet we will be back for a Tyson puppy.

My parents are also very happy with their new babies. Iggy now named Blitz and Jaz now named Aspen are just as sweet and loving as can be. We got the three of them together over the weekend and they had a blast playing together. We intend to do play dates for them regularly and they will also be going through puppy training together. They are all growing so big and we are just all so happy.

Thanks again for all you do. You and your Guardians are AWESOME!

On 2013-09-09 03:21:28.206130 by Danny Wainscott


Hey Joseph, Sasha's JETTA Von Scottsenhaus got a clear report from our vet this morning. Don't guess I'll be getting a replacement puppy, unless you've got one you just want to give me!!!!! Just kidding, I never doubted for a minute that she wasn't healthy. She loves riding in the truck and going about the farm. Thanks again. DW

On 2013-09-09 03:20:56.913880 by Danny Wainscott


Hey Joseph, Just a note to let you know we made it home ok. A little yelping after stops and she was right off to sleep. About 10 minutes of yelping in her new home and she slept most of the night. Her new name, still a "J", is JETTA Von Scottsnhaus!!! She's gonna fit in just fine. We're about to go check the cattle for the first time!!! Thanks for everything Joseph. You made this a great experience and transition. DW

On 2013-09-09 03:20:29.910650 by June Brainard


Hi Joseph, I did want to tell you Thank You!!! Nakita/KiKi is amazing, smart, and very loveable. She is stuck to my side all of the time. I bought her for Bob, but she ended up bonding with me. She is great with everyone including my 2 year old grandson. I will keep you updated!

On 2013-09-09 03:19:42.521610 by Fred Marin and Nicole Banacka


We got back from our trip to NJ Saturday afternoon. Neko was amazing in the car the whole drive there and back. Was like she was a pro at being in the car even though this was our first long road trip with her. Fred has a picture of her sleeping in the car that is so cute. I'll email you it once I steal it from him. She was awesome with little kids and never hurt them (we were worried she might play to rough with them.) Guess we can say she is officially house trained since she only had one accident while there. Soon as we showed her the door, she would go to it when she needed outside. While we were up there, she did her first 5 mile walk and met some k-9 units. They wanted to keep her since they don't have German shepherd units anymore.

She is getting really big. She had to have gained 10lbs in this past week alone.

Thanks again for awesome puppy!!

On 2013-09-09 03:18:55.404370 by Amber Keown


This is Stella's mom :) I wanted to give an update. Stella is doing wonderful. She has completed intermediate training and soon she will be taking her Canine Good Citizen test. I am hoping that when she is one we can go into therapy training for her to become a therapy dog for children. This is something I think she would be wonderful at because of her very sound temperament and how much she loves kids.

I took her with me last Friday night to a festival where I was a vendor and everyone who stopped told me how pretty she was and well behaved :) I was very proud of her that night. I even had one little girl pet her and the parents where surprised because usually their daughter was afraid of dogs. Stella knew to be very calm and gentle with that little girl. In the end, the little girl even let Stella give her kisses and shake hands. I want to thank you for letting me get my special girl. I just love her to pieces.

On 2013-09-09 03:18:11.147170 by Fran Rodriguez


Just made our final payment to you guys via PayPal! Cant thank you enough for everything that you do for families that want a quality German Shepherd. It is so very much appreciated! Our Cooper is such a wonderful puppy. We just adore him!

On 2013-09-09 03:17:50.789160 by Fran Rodriguez


Took Cooper on his first camping trip this weekend. He was not a fan of the Frio river. Lol but he did like all the trails we went on. He is now leash trained. He went to the vet Tuesday. Weighed in at a fabulous 16 lbs 10 oz. Got his rabies and booster shots. Plus we had him microchipped. Scheduled him to be neutered end of next month. Vet things he'll easily be 75 lbs. We shall see...
Other then needing a bath after this weekend he's doing fabulous!

On 2013-09-09 03:17:26.418970 by Fran Rodriguez


Ghost (aka Cooper) Is doing fabulous. Almost outgrown his small kennel. He is HUGE. Lol. He has learned to sit on command both verbal and hand signals. Working on lay down. Not doing so fabulous with the potty training. That's kinda hit and miss. But we are having so much fun with him. Can't thank you enough for our wonderful puppy!

On 2013-09-09 03:16:59.325230 by Fran Rodriguez


Mason has been renamed Cooper. Lol. My poor son Nathan kept hearing me telling "Mason" to come here and they sound so similar that he thought I was calling him. So we had to pick a new name. Although my daughter calls him Cooper Mason :) He's doing fabulous. Already growing. Doing ok at potty training. Only a few accidents. And is crate trained already. If I take him out at 10 or 11 before bed he can hold it until 6:30am when we get up. :) He has a couple of toys and a dog bone with him when he goes in his crate at night. So he's well occupied. He has been trying to bark the last couple of days. It's cracking me up. Can't tell you thanks enough for letting us have him!

On 2013-09-09 03:16:18.672270 by Cathy Rose


Hi! Just wanted to let you know Ava is doing great ! She is about 65 lbs and beautiful . We are going to Obedience class and walking her every day! She i's so smart . Everyone loves her. Sweetheart of the family:)

On 2013-09-09 03:15:27.723160 by Amber Keown


Stella is doing great here. We all love her so much. She is doing great in intermediate class, our trainer says we got the one in a million dog and I tend to agree :) He says she is one of the smartest pups he has ever had in his class. By the end of puppy class we were already doing some intermediate stays and now we have moved on to a couple of advanced ones. We are hoping to take the CGC test in a month or two.

I just had a few questions. Do you know about when we have to start to worry about her going into heat? Can you give me an estimated time for about how long a heat lasts? Any tips on having a female in heat and her living in the house? Our male border collie is fixed but our neighbors have a little male dog still intact.

Thanks so much and I love looking at the site and seeing the puppies! Can't wait to see what Ashley's and Wolfgang's next litter will look like!

On 2013-09-09 03:14:29.345100 by Amber Keown


I wanted to give you a little update on Eva (aka Stella). We have had her for 6 weeks and she has already stolen our hearts! I can't imagine a better puppy. She has the typical puppy energy but knows how to quite down easily and lay at your feet. She always wants to be in the same room as me even if it is to just plop back down on the floor, lol. Her training is coming along great. She knows, sit, down, shake, hi five, roll over, stay (not proofed yet though) and how to walk nicely on leash. And she is only 13 weeks old :) Sit, down, shake, hi five and roll over she does to either voice or hand commands as well. Â

She is doing great in puppy class. I love how she watches everything that is going on in there. Most of the time she is calmly sitting or laying at my feet. So far she has displayed a solid temperament and no weak nerves. We have made the trip to Georgia and back twice now and both times she was an excellent canine passenger. She had the most fun playing with my parents GSD Chance.

On 2013-09-09 03:13:16.211630 by Mike and Jennifer Lewis


Just wanted to give you a update on Cash. On July 8, we took him to the vet and he weighed in @ 31lbs. He's growing so much. I also attached the lastest picture we took of him on Friday. Mike has been out of town since last Tuesday so Cash and I have become close buddies. He jumped up and sat in Mike's chair the other morning (right next to mine). I thought it was cute. I sent the picture to Mike and told him I thought somebody might be trying to take his spot. He thought that was funny.

On 2013-09-09 03:11:46.563810 by Mike and Jennifer Lewis


Just wanted to let you know that your "little" Elvis is turning in to our "Big" Cash. ( that's what we decided to name him). He is doing great and has quite a little personality as you said he did. He's really started growing the last few weeks. We took him to the vet for his 2nd round of shots on June 10th and he weighed 17 1/2 lbs. I know he's gained more since then. I think we have spoiled him just a little (my daughter says rotten) but it just couldn't be helped since he's so sweet and adorable. Will keep you updated on his growth. Thanks for giving us such a precious german shepherd.

On 2013-09-09 03:11:19.482940 by Cathy Rose


We were very lucky to find the Guardian Kennels. After visiting the facility and talking with Joseph and Genie, we were sold on waiting for a Guardian pup. The facility is very clean, the cages are large and the dogs are beautiful. Most of all ,Joseph and his family love what they do. The dogs are part of the family and very will cared for. We have had 3 Shepherds and had gotten them all from families where the dogs interacted with children and had great temperaments. This is the case at the Guardian Kennels. We expected to have to wait awhile, but were lucky enough to get a call from Joseph because a pup had been returned. We jumped on the chance to have this pup no matter what sex it was. We named her Ava and she has been a JOY to us. Not only is she beautiful, but has a wonderful temperment. We bonded immediately. She is definitely now a family member. Thank you Joseph for trusting us to give us that call. Ava thanks you too!!

On 2013-09-09 03:10:21.518080 by Jennifer Murray


He has grown so much since I first brought him home not sure how tall but was only 6lbs. At his 9 weeks check up and shots he was 13 inches tall and was 15lbs. Now at 18 weeks old he is 21 inches tall and is 43lbs. He is vary smart and watches me all the time. We went on vacation this past week with him. My husband noticed him keeping an eye on me where ever I went, we can guess who's dog he really is. He rode in the car great, slept the whole way, it was a 6 1/2 hour drive. He is completely house broke, just wish I could get him to stop eating the landlords trees. LOL He loves sticks and since the trees are young that is all they look like to him. He plays fetch and is very gentle with our 16 month old granddaughter, but still thinks Jim is his big chew toy.

On 2013-09-09 02:49:31.003390 by Jake and Shasta Carlstrom


Just sending you an update on Cadence. She is now 16 weeks old and is about to graduate from her puppy obedience class at Barking Oaks Pet Resort. The trainer at that facility is very impressed with her ability and eagerness to learn and tells us we have an outstanding dog that is true to its breed. The normal obedience class usually lasts six one hour sessions which includes commands as sit, down, place, place/sit, place/down, place/wait and focus. All the training is done with a clicker and a small treat. Cadence has completed all her training in four half hour sessions and we will have her final exam on Friday. Thanks again for the awesome addition to our family and we will keep you updated when we put her through her next training session.

On 2013-09-09 02:49:01.563250 by Candice Betancis


Our story:

We have two kids, seven and three years old and we had had a golden retriever and chihuahua. Well sadly, our Chihuahua was lost on 12/31/10 and we were unable to find him and one month later our golden retriever had to be put to sleep due to having fluid in his lungs and he also had heart worms that was not treatable. Needless to say I was done with animals and did not want to get attached to another dog. About one month later, we started talking about getting a German Shepherd and really discussed the devotion that we would have to have. We both had to agree on helping with a new puppy. So, we started the online search. I really wanted to find a breeder close to home and thank God we found Joseph and his family!! I called him and he was so helpful in answering our questions. We even went out there to see Carly, now known as Keira for the first time and fell in love. We took her home on March 27, 2011 and she has been a blessing ever since. She is so smart!! I always call and talk to Joseph about her (literally every week).

Her progress:

Joseph taught us how to crate train her and she was crate trained in less than one week. We now have her on her Heidelburg diet (which Joseph showed me how to do this too) with all her supplements and she LOVES it!! I cannot tell you how many times we get stopped because people adore her beauty and her "bear" paws. ; - ) She is popular at her vet's office and very rarely gets put in the kennel when she is there all day. We take her out several times a day (generally every 4 hours) and I come home for lunch Monday thru Friday for play time and feeding time. She sleeps in her kennel daily, but she can be trusted in our house (under supervision) to walk around or simply lay down in the kitchen while we are cooking. Today we started her training class and she already learned how to "sit." We are currently working on the nipping, but that comes with any new puppy. She has learned to ride in the back of our truck to vet visits or even to the baseball fields. It has been an adjustment and you must be dedicated to devoting your love and time to a GSD (or any animal). We spend a lot more time outside, it gives us quality family time and our kids enjoy it! Keira is very loved and has been a blessing to our family. I have attached some pictures of Keira, who is now three months old at 26LBS and growing.

On 2013-09-09 02:47:15.693070 by Fred and Kathy Bell


Wow, so much to cover!! When we first met Arthur, now Mufasa, on March 2, we fell in love with him. We brought him home and watched him for a couple days. When we saw him sitting up with his chest bowed out looking like he was watching over his territory, we knew he was going to be the perfect king to watch and protect our home. Mufasa became his new name and he fits it perfectly.

Mufasa immediately adapted to our other dog and the house became a playground. Mufasa was smaller and usually on the receiving end of the puppy roughhousing that took place, but his stamina and drive won't let that beat him. He acts like he is a 100lb dog and isn't afraid of anything.

On March 14th tragedy struck our home as Mufasa and our other dog were outside playing. Mufasa was chasing the other dog when he cut the corner around our pool too short. He fell into the pool and couldn't get out. We thank God that our neighbors saw the dogs playing. They immediately rushed over to our home and alerted the wife.

By the time the wife got to the pool, Mufasa's lungs were full with water and he was on the brink of death. The wife gave him CPR and he was able to breathe again. He was taken to the Banfield office at our local PetSmart for help. He was then rushed to the Animal Emergency Clinic (AEC) in Round Rock. He was there for 4 days for treatment. We were initially told that the survival rate for this type of incident is very low. The staff at Banfield and the AEC saved our Mufasa's life!! We cannot thank them enough. The staff told us that part of Mufasa's success is due to his toughness and drive to stay alive. We were there every night and saw his progress and drive.

We were finally able to bring Mufasa home. As soon as we got him home, he was ready to wrestle with the other dog again. We have to watch his activity as his lungs continue to heal. The vets at both clinics are impressed with Mufasa's progress. We are so very lucky!! Now that he is growing so fast, he is able to hold his own with the other dog.

Thank You Joe and Genie and Guardian Kennel for a wonderful addition to our family!!! He has brought us closer and we look forward to many years of enjoyment and companionship.


On 2013-09-09 02:45:28.677750 by Eric and Jill Talamantez


We want to thank Joe, Genie and family for providing us with such a wonderful addition to our family! Cash is a very sweet and loving puppy. He is also very smart. We are amazed at what he has learned in just a few days. We knew the first time that we visited the kennel that this was going to be a great experience. We first met Cash when he was only a month old and made our deposit. Joe then welcomed us to visit on a regular basis to see our new puppy until it was time to take him home. He also provided us with a wealth of information prior to taking Cash home and has told us to call him if we ever have any questions. He truly has a heart for everyone of his dogs and the puppies they produce. This is a real family business that cares more about what they do than what they make. We wish them the best and will definitely take Cash to visit them! Eric & Jill Talamantez

On 2013-09-09 02:44:20.301480 by Andrya Rhodes


I had been searching for a reputable German Shepherd breeder in the Central Texas area for a little over a year when I met Joseph and Genie. After I toured the facility, met the dogs, the breeder and his family, I was so impressed that I wanted to share my findings with the general public.

The kennels are spacious, with each one being at least 10' X 10', and kept immaculately clean. There was no odor, or trace of urine or feces in any kennel. The puppies I met out of their C litter were obviously very well socialized, coming right up to me and initiating human contact, as were the adult dogs on premises; the Garcias' have a one-year-old baby that the puppies interacted with readily, and clearly knew how to regard an infant. Joseph took the time to introduce me personally to each dog I wanted to meet, with all of them meeting and in some cases exceeding my expectations in temperament and disposition for a German Shepherd that has been bred to standard. The dogs featured on his website were indeed that dogs present at the kennel. I conducted a brief puppy aptitude test on 3 of the C litter pups, with each one receiving passing (and one receiving exceptional) marks.

Following my evaluation of the facility, dogs, and breeder, I disclosed to Joseph and Genie that I am a Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) and Registered Evaluator for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGC) program, looking for a puppy that will become my next demo dog; conslusively, The Guardian Kennel operates an ethical business in which I feel confident. They rotate their dogs so that they all get time inside the house living as pack members, ensuring proper socialization in those first critical weeks, they do not release puppies prior to 8 weeks of age, and are committed to moral standards in breeding and business based on my experience with them. Joseph and Genie are personally invested in every one of their puppies and dogs, ensuring that the puppies are properly socialized and introduced into a home and family environment in preparation for integration into their forever homes. I have made a deposit on their D litter, and am looking forward to bringing my new pack member home in couple of months. In the mean time, Joseph and Genie opened their home and their kennel to me in a way that I have never been afforded: They invite their clients back to stop in as the puppies grow. This is a serious dog buyer's dream, and a recipe for a dog that will inevitably turn out to be a wonderful addition to a family with children, rare though that may be. Way to go, Joseph and Genie, for owning and operating a successful and ethically sound kennel!

On 2013-09-09 02:42:51.891340 by Jessie Wright


Mr. Garcia,

Thank you so much for inviting me to and into your home. After my 4 year old German Shepherd Dog had to be put down due to Lymphoma it was a hard thing looking for another dog. You brought me into your home, and made me feel comfortable. Showing me your kennels and facility, what you feed (that shelf of vitamins still baffles me), and letting me meet every dog. You answered every question I had and were well informed. Showing me all the paperwork I wanted to see and going over your contract with me. Every one of your animals are well kept and have amazing temperament. I much enjoyed hanging out with Chloe and 'talking' with her to see if she had a good baby in her tummy for me. She's such a good girl.

All of these things really helped in my difficult decision to get another GSD and to place my deposit with you for your Dalton x Chloe litter. I am very pleased with my experience so far with you. And am expecting many pictures and updated e-mails when the litter arrives!

Thank You So Much,

On 2013-09-09 02:40:26.890210 by Jake and Shasta Carlstrom



Just wanted to send a couple of pics to keep you updated on Cadence's growth. She is very intelligent and picking up on things very fast and we appreciate your help in answering questions concerning the breed. Thanks for calling, making yourself available to answer questions about Cadence, and giving us advice. You've been a great help.

Thanks, Carlstrom Family.

On 2013-09-09 02:39:43.555250 by Andrea Hurt


I just wanted to update you on Ivan, he's doing really good we started to teach him how to sit and he is learning pretty well. Him and the girls are getting along really good. We have him a vet appointment next week to get his shots, and we plan to send off for his papers this week too.

On 2013-09-09 02:39:14.699360 by Dennis and Natalie Edwards


I have the privilege to drive by the Guardian Kennels on my way home from work each day and that's how it all started! After seeing the German Shepherds, the kennel, I had the good pleasure of speaking with Joseph and Genie about their passion, beautiful, high quality GSDs. Each time I stop by, I learn something new, Joseph and Genie are very knowledgeable and care very deeply for their four legged family members. The Guardian Kennel is dedicated to ensuring top of the line high quality, sound, healthy pups. My wife and I were fortunate to get a male pup from the litter and he'll be going to his new home Feb. 20th. We are very excited and can't wait. I look forward to this new adventure with our latest family addition and confident that we have the support from The Guardian Kennels to help us with the transition. Joseph & Genie, you guys are top notch! Thank you and we wish you all the best!

On 2013-09-09 02:38:27.284190 by Jake and Shasta Carlstrom


We had an awesome experience today thanks to Joseph. We have always dreamed about owning a German Shepherd and after finding the Guardian Kennel, our dreams have come true. Thanks Joseph for your expertise, patience, and friendliness we had a great time and learned a lot from you. Just cant' wait until we can come pick Blossom up and take her home.

On 2013-09-09 02:37:56.308200 by Andrea Hurt


My husband and I met with Joe today to put down the deposit on one of his puppys. We loved the look of all of the puppies and are really excited to take ours home. Joe was really nice and exlpained to us the whole process of buying the puppy. We really like the fact that he has a true passion for German Shepherds and it isnt just about making money for him, he cares about all of his dogs and take good care of them and interacts with them. I like that he takes time to treat his dogs like pets or part of his family and doesn't treat them like livestock to make babies. We look forward to doing business with him and keeping in touch with him as our puppy grows. Definitely the place to go if you are looking for a great pet for your family.

On 2013-09-09 02:37:29.405780 by Monica


I purchased a pup from Joe in September of this year, the owner of Guardian Kennel. He is a fair and good man and was very helpful in finding the right pup for us, it wasn't about the sale but more of an educational effort for us in understanding the German shepherd breed. We are new to German Shepherds, but a long time fan, we purchased a boy. His name is Kavick. Kavick is a well a mannered pup and has a great disposition as well as being very distiguished looking. I have been pleased with his demeanor and presence. He is going to be a life long friend to us. We bought him for our 3 year old as we wanted her to have a body guard for when she played outside and still wanted to have the comfort of knowing she was still being watched if we looked the other way. He is young still, but he has a strong liking to her even when she pulls his ears and tries to LOOK INTO HIS EYES. I just have to watch how many kisses he gives her, because her NO means YES to him.......he is going to be a great dog!!! Joe, we appreciated the dedication to mixing personality and quality in your dogs!