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Guardian Males
Max Von Garciahaus
Jackson von Garciahaus
Jackson is a German shepherd produced here at the Guardian kennel. His parents were my 1st two traditional blk/tan German shepherds that produced many of our early guardian babies. Jackson is not only beautiful and handsome but he is a large boned boy producing the same. 
Leonidas Z Garciahaus AKA " Leo "
Leonidas is a pure working line pup that comes from both West German and Czech working lines. His pedigree is filled with Top working K9's throughout. Leonidas will be able to produce excellent sable and solid black pups.
DOB December 23rd, 2011
DOB July 10th, 2013
Dragon Von Garciahaus 
Dragon is another one of our very own puppies, he is a son to Annabelle/Kann and he is our newest dark sable Stud. He will be used to produce the longer coated sable German shepherd puppies but will produce short coats as well.
DOB June 24th, 2015
Heidelberg's Sword V EssenseJ 
AKA " Thor " 
Thor was bred from Keystone GS's in Oklahoma. They specialize in the Heidelberg American show lines. We are thrilled to have him and his awesome American show line pedigree with many Champions in his pedigree. He was sired by Champion Bogie.
​Max is a progeny of Laso and Zambia. Laso and Zambia are both imports that we imported in from Funken Spiel Kennels in Croatia. They are 100% West German show line shepherds with top notch World class pedigrees with many VA and V rated titled ancestry. Max is sure to produce many quality German shepherds as his sire Laso Vom Funken Spiel did for us.  
Although our Guardian males are for our kennel's use, we do stud them out to approved females. First, your female must have AKC registration papers. Second, you must have a negative brucellosis test dated at least 30 days prior to breeding. You can get a brucellosis test done by your veterinarian. Third, stud fee is due on the day of the 1st breeding. All are breeding's are guaranteed. If your female does not take, you do get a free repeat breeding but we strongly urge you to do a progesterone test to determine the exact day of ovulation. You will see the stud fee by each of our males.  
Max's stud fee is $750.00
Thor's stud fee is $750
Dragon's stud fee is $600
Leonidas stud fee is $500
Champaigne Papi Von Garciahaus AKA Champ
Champ is a progeny out of Laso ( his last male pup to sire ) and Estina. Estina was one of our imports who now is enjoying life in San Antonio, Texas. Champ is blossoming into a very beautiful plush coated black and red shepherd. His pedigree is also World Class Quality with past World Seiger winners ( #1 German shepherds in the world ). His bloodlines consist of the legend VA1 Zamp Thermodos and VA1 Ober Von Bad Ball just to name a few. Champ has sired two litters and if your interested in one of his puppies please visit our puppies available page. 

DOB - March 10, 2017
King Von Garciahaus 
King is a progeny out of Laso ( his 2nd to last litter ) and Roxy who we produced here at The Guardian Kennel. Roxy was out of Sadie ( now retired ) and Arek Vom Norben ( now retired ). King is a handsome specimen with the traditional black and tan coloring. He is built identical to his sire Laso. He is my 8 year daughters personal dog as he sleeps with her at night and lets just say, don't try to go in her room, lol. They bonded immediately, it was a blessing that was unseen. He was adopted as a puppy but due to unseen circumstances he was returned ( via our puppy contract ) on Dec 30th, 2017. Since that day King has become our big spoiled baby. 
   King has finally bred with Lulu ( a Kiki granddaughter ). His 1st litter will be expected November 24th, 2018.
DOB - January 16, 2017
Jackson's Stud Fee is $600
DOB - June 23, 2014
Stud fee will be $750
Stud fee will be $750