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Guardian Males
Laso vom Funken Spiel 
We lost the greatest German shepherd that I have ever owned. Laso all of a sudden passed away on Sunday morning February 12th, 2017. It was an unexpected event in our lives. He didn't show any signs of illness and was in the very good shape. He was housed in our back kennels so the possibilities are numerous as to what might have happened. Snake bite? is what 1st came to my mind. Everything happened all of a sudden and of course all vets were closed that day so I decided just to bury my boy next to Sheeba near the tree in the back of our kennels. We still and will always miss him very much. 
  Laso was a dog that can never be replaced or duplicated. He will always be in my heart and I know everyone else's heart that has a Laso son or daughter. Laso was the face of our kennel. A One of A Kind German shepherd. His genetics, his legacy, will be passed on through two of his sons and his daughter Reyna. Below are Max and CJ, two sons that we will use as studs to carry Laso legacy. 
Jackson von Garciahaus
Jackson is a German shepherd produced here at the Guardian kennel. His parents were my 1st two traditional blk/tan German shepherds that produced many of our early guardian babies. Jackson is not only beautiful and handsome but he is a large boned boy producing the same. 
Bear's sire UKC Champion Arek vom Norben
Arek resides in Belton, Texas and lives his life as Norma's personal companion and protector. He is OFA certified on hips, elbows, and DM cleared. Arek is a UKC Champion and a certified therapy dog. On top of all this, he has earned his CGC and several obedience titles through the AKC. He is the total stud package. We are very thankful for Norma and Norben German shepherd kennel for allowing us to breed with this massive, one of a kind, German shepherd. 

Bear "The Beast" Von Garciahaus 
​Bear was produced by the Guardian kennel and Norben German shepherds. He is an excellent very calm family companion. He is good with all dogs and people. He will provide very large puppies with the darker coloring. We fell in love with his sire Arek Vom Norben and wanted to duplicate him. Although Arek is one of kind, we feel that Bear will carry his sire's bloodline for many years to come. If you are looking for a shepherd like Arek or Bear, then this is your stud. Bear has already done a fantastic job producing himself.
Leonidas Z Garciahaus AKA " Leo "
Leonidas is a pure working line pup that comes from both West German and Czech working lines. His pedigree is filled with Top working K9's throughout. Leonidas will be able to produce excellent sable and solid black pups.
DOB January 31st, 2011
RIP February 12th, 2017
DOB December 23rd, 2011
DOB March 1st, 2013 
DOB July 10th, 2013
Oso, one of Sadie and Bear pups. 
He looks just like Bear. 
Dragon Von Garciahaus 
Dragon is the son to Annabelle/Kann and he is our newest dark sable Stud. He will be used to produce the longer coated sable German shepherd puppies. 
DOB June 24th, 2015
CJ is Laso/Mia son
MAX is a Laso/Zambia son
Heidelberg's Sword V EssenseJ 
AKA " Thor " 
Thor was bred from Keystone GS's in Oklahoma. They specialize in the Heidelberg lines. We are thrilled to have him and his awesome American show line pedigree. He was sired by Champion Bogie. We recently bred him to Jessy on 4/09/17. These babies will be beautiful black and tan original saddle backs.  He has 1 son left out of Jessy.