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Guardian Females
Bianca vom Ruell Garciahaus
Bianca is a Top Quality bred West German girl. She comes from the 3rd ranked male German shepherd in the United States in 2011, Larus, who is simply beautiful. Bianca's mother comes from the #1 Kennel in the United States (Wilhendorf Kennels), that has won 12 kennel competitions at the USA Sieger Show (National Championships). Bianca has been one of our best producers here at the Guardian Kennel. Her final and last breeding will be in early 2018. If you interested shoot us an email. We do have a Bianca daughter by Presley and a Bianca granddaughter that will carry on her bloodline. 

Zambia vom Team Panoniansee
Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: SV: HD a-normal (a1) DNA: gepruft

Zambia is an imported female that comes from Yugoslavia (Croatia). She is an beautiful example of world class quality. Her pedigree is top notch! She is the grand daughter to the 2X #1 ranking German Shepherd in the world, two years in a row for 2011 and 2012 (2X VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag). Zambia's puppies have been amazing and grow into beautiful representations of the breed. 
Shoka der Wachhund
Shoka has an awesome imported pedigree. Both her parents are imports that have very strong working lines on both sides of the pedigree. Her sire " Diddy" was a World Team qualifier. Her dam "Enka" is a hard hitter and excellent working female. Shoka will be coming in heat real soon ( July 2017 ) and will be bred to another solid black named Shiner. They have produced some very nice solid black puppies already.

Annabelle von der Teufel 
Annabelle is a 100% Czech working bloodline sable female. She is a very loving and affectionate German shepherd. She has a very high ball drive and is full of energy. Chilli's bloodlines consist of several Jirkova Dvora working shepherds as well as Pohranicni Straze (Czech border patrol). Her puppies will have a strong working drive to do about anything you put them against. They will make excellent family companions that will also protect your home, property, or business. Annabelle last litter will be born in 2 weeks. 

Jessy Von Garciahaus 
The next 3 Guardian females are our " Working Line " females. Their puppies will be excellent for PSA, IPO, SAR, Security, family and home protection all while being perfect family companions. 
Jessy was produced here at The Guardian kennel. Her sire was our 1st stud Wolfgang Von Garciahaus. She was from our E1 litter by Ashley and Wolfgang. She is as beautiful as her mother who we adored and was great with our family. Jessy has been an excellent mother and producer of very beautiful German shepherds. Her next breeding will be October 2017.
The 1st 2 females are full 100% West German bloodline females with superb pedigrees 
 Genesis Z. Elbu
Genesis parents are imports from CZR ( Czech Republic ). Her sire is Ving Z Elbu and her dam is Sammie Z Elbu. Genisis will produce very nice black sable puppies capable of performing any sport, police work, security, personal protection. She has produced both black sables and solid black puppies. Her next breeding will be with Dragon in November 2017. 
DeStena's Ashley Indiana, a pure 100% beautiful Heidelberg female, is the mother line to two of our quality females ( Jessy and Princess) that will provide the purrfect family companions for your family. Pictured is Ashley with Jessy's litter and to the right is when she was younger. Ashley is the foundation DAM to our Heidelberg Bloodlines. It has taken many years to reach this point but we now have our own Heidelberg bloodlines. A big thank you to Joanne DeStena's Ashley's owner for giving me this great opportunity. Ashley has been retired from breeding. 
Heidelberg's Princess V Ashley 
Princess was my dream come true. When I was 19 years of age I first visited Heidelberg kennels in Spring, Texas and fell in love with the Heidelberg bloodline. It has been very hard to obtain my own Heidelberg's for breeding purposes but thanks to Joanne DeStena who allowed me to lease Princess's dam Ashley to breed to another pure Heidelberg named Jude from Keystone German shepherds, my dream came true. I drove 8 hours to Oklahoma to breed Ashley. She had 4 pups and I kept Princess. Princess next breeding will be in the fall of 2017 with CJ son of Laso/BFF Mia. 

Reyna Von Garciahaus 
Reyna is very special to us as she is the daughter to my beloved Laso. She has had two litters with Jackson and I am very pleased with that breeding combination. Her next heat cycle will be here shortly. I'd say in less than 2 months. 
Honey is a liver and red German shepherd. Isn't she gorgeous??? I first saw Honey on Facebook on a post advertising her for sale. It was like LOVE at first sight. I had to pull a few strings but made it happen to bring her to Waco from Oklahoma. She was produced by Loujuan German shepherds in Oklahoma. 
Loujuan She's a Rebel AKA Honey 
Ashley is the mother to Jessy and Princess.